Name: Karen Flores Baduya                         Area of Assignment:   RHU-Milaor

Milaor, Camarines Sur



January is a very busy month, just right after the new year we had lots of activities in our Rural Health Unit. These are the ff:

I rewrote the directory of RHU in a new Log Book last Jan.2, 2012

ANLENE sponsored a FREE BONE SCAN in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of Milaor and full support of the Municipal Health Unit. This procedure usually costs 4k.

    Held at the Municipal Covered Court last January 4, 2012.


       Listing of participants

Even I, myself undergo the procedure to determine how strong my bones are.


        After our right ankle is scanned, they give free taste.

I found out I need to drink more milk and less caffeine. I’m borderline to low risk and medium risk. This bone scan is to determine the risk for osteoporosis. If you are 25 yrs.old and above, you can check your bone density. We had this activity the whole day.

Last Jan.12, 2012 USANA Network Marketing Team came to our RHU and gave a business presentation of their products.



           The presentation

Every weekday afternoons, we are organizing the records in their alphabetical order. Then we put it back in their own respective family folders.


 Present record section.

This is a sample of our records. I even found my own family’s record dated 2000.


I was also tasked to paste the photos of the RHU Documentation to be passed to the Philhealth Office.


We visited our patient who has PTB inside the Provincial Jail. This patient is a resident of Milaor. The LGU-RHU is the one who admitted this patient for PTB medication. We endorsed 2months supply of intensive medication to the Jail Nursing Aid. We will supply the next batch of medication after 2 months. We educated the Nursing Aid regarding the medication schedule and other necessary information that is a “must know” of the patient and the other people within his surroundings.

this is the only photo i can capture since all electronic devices are strictly prohibited inside.

January 30, 2012


This month I was able to develop a schedule to alphabetically arrange the patient’s records and at the same time still doing my daily routine. I was able to manage and budget my time inside the RHU so that I will be more efficient. I was able to give time to other tasks assigned to me by our Head Nurse. I helped in compiling records in accordance to Morbidity in every Barangays and Mortality Rate. We based our schedule to have Mother’s Class in Barangays that have a high Maternal Mortality Rate.



The numbers I made


First: I made numbers 1-50 for the patients who are coming in. In the first week, 5 numbers went missing. It’s either the patient brought it home or they misplaced it. I gave it to the patients by order and in turn they give me their records so that I can put their initial vital signs and clinical complaint there. Then their numbers will be called in order for them to be seen by our Municipal Health Officer. Once they had been given primary treatment and prescriptions they will get their record back and thus give the number back. But not everyone in the center or the patients understood the process.

Second: Most of them are not even bringing their record upon consultation. We had to make a new record and thus result to duplication and are most likely misplaced by the client again and again.

Third: As per the Municipality of Milaor’s counterpart for the DOH RN Heals agreement, specifically “Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2011-0044 between the DILG, DOH and DSWD”, we did not receive anything yet since we started last November. Midwives assigned in other municipalities were already given by their LGU’s. We already followed up at our HR but we were endorsed to our Head Nurse which is Glenda T. Luceña. That our Head Nurse should be the one to talk to our Municipal Mayor.

Fourth: Our Monthly Stipend. We were not advised any specific date when we will receive it. We don’t even know if it’s already in our ATM or not unless we follow up from our DOH Rep.



What we did, upon arrival of patients, we educate them not to bring the numbers home after their consultation. We made sure they understood the process. For the missing numbers, I needed to reprint and re-laminate it.

With regards to the second concern, we came up of an idea. To those patients who didn’t bring their records and are members of 4ps, we warned them verbally that their records are legal documents needed to claim and prove that they are qualified benefactors of the 4ps fund.

Other centers are strict enough that without record, they won’t be entertained. We told them that this would be the last that we will give consideration, next time we will now implement the “No record, no check up Policy”. I hope this verbal warning will give results next month and always.

For the third issue: I suggest that our Head Nurse and DOH Rep. go together to our Municipal Mayor and follow up in the status of our Allowance from LGU. If there is going to be an allowance or not, we should know.

Fourth Issue, There should be a communication or initiative from our DOH Rep to inform us when it will be available. Because before we receive it, we already ran out of daily budget. That is to set up our expectation for us to be able to avoid getting frustrated. It is just upsetting that we are depending on our monthly stipend and we waited a month but its still not yet available. Practically speaking, we all need it to finance our daily necessities.




Karen Flores Baduya RN

License No. 0681423


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